Our Boot Camp courses are unique, because we combine the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and circuit training, with cardiovascular workouts such as Zumba Fitness, 80’s Style Aerobics and Cheerleading.

We have Zumba Toning, Pilates, Power Yoga, Body Conditioning and Resistance Band Training to lengthen, slim and define muscles, and Dance workouts such as Bollywood, Salsa Sizzle and Broadway to challenge your mind and body, ensure you stay motivated, have lot’s of fun and most importantly of all – see great results!

We provide you with all the information, help and guidance you need to achieve your personal goal – exercise tips, healthy meal planners and a food diary and measurement record card so you can track your progress from start to finish.


carly_1“I’ve lived in Chester since I was 6 years old (although my mum was born and raised in Chester my dad’s Scottish and I was born in Paisley) and have always loved team sports like Netball, Hockey and Rounders.  I met Janey at high school as we were both in the school Netball team – I was Goal Defence and Janey Wing Defence, aaah those were the days!

After finishing school and college, sitting in an office all day, passing my driving test, turning 18 and drinking and partying, and then going traveling round the world with Janey, I found that the lack of exercise and good diet caught up with me – and my weight rocketed to almost 17 stone!

At 5′ 8″ in height, I was 5 stone overweight and a size 22 at the age of 23.


I joined a gym and started walking everywhere – and dropped 2 stone in 6 months.  Exercise routine sorted, next was my diet.  I joined a local slimming club and 10 months later, in June 2004, I had reached my goal weight of 11 stone and was back in a healthy size 12.

Getting back into a regular exercise routine was key, I love boosting my heart rate, raising the adrenaline and working out to good music.  Step will always be my ‘first love’ and aerobics and combat classes just got me so hooked that I thought – hey, I’d like to teach this stuff!

Qualifying as a fitness instructor was such a personal achievement, and through continued research, training and fitness conventions, I’m constantly gaining a greater understanding of how amazing the human body is, what it’s capable of and what makes us all different.

Chester Boot Camp was born from our personal experiences, our love of exercise and our passion for making exercise effective, fun and accessible to everyone.  No matter what age, what weight or level of fitness you have, Boot Camp can bring you confidence, inch loss, a healthier outlook on life and make you feel fit and fabulous. I know – because I’ve been there!”







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